Air freight

HNA Logistics provides air freight services throughout the globle. We are working with all major airlines to offer high quality of service but competitives rates for both inbound and outbound shipments. Thanks to our strong network coverage with more than 200 destinations we are able to complete your supply chain with door-to-door services, furthermore our real-time tracking systems can help customers update status of shipment at anytime and anyplace.
Wherever your cargo move to, we are a good choice for you.

Some benefits when using HNA Air freight services:

  • Cost-effective services competitive rates and flexible transit times
  • Greater capacity guaranteed space avaiability even in peak season
  • Visibility track status of shipments online via website or mobile phone
Global network
Our extensive global network includes a strong presence in emerging markets such as Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America and Africa which allows us to cover almost every origin and destination.

Portfolio of carriers
Our extensive portfolio of global and regional carriers enable us to offer you a wide range of flexible and reliable carriers possibilities.

Air cargo represents a relatively small percentage by volume of world trade (less than 10%) - but its significance leaps by value, where it accounts for more than 30% of international trade. In other words, air cargo is oriented towards high value or time sensitive products. For example, the express industry has enabled the widespread adoption of just-in-time practices by many businesses, which saving countless dollars in inventory and logistical costs. That said, air cargo continues to expand its clientele and now serves a diverse range of businesses and consumers.(Source: GACAG)